Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Freemasons Lodge

I happened to stumble upon this place while out exploring one of the beautiful coves in North Georgia. According to a marker in front of this old decrepit run down house, it was once the meeting place of the Freemasons back in the early 1900's. I know that there is a lot of secrecy involved with the Masons and those in the circle never speak of what goes about in their meetings. So the mysterious air revolved even more so around this old wooden lodge. My imagination runs wild when I try to picture what once could have taken place in the building. I doubt we will ever know.

Mass Burial - SIlverdale Confederate Cemetery

Among the hustle and bustle of modern day life, along side the main Interstate 75, there is a small cemetery. There holds a sacred ground and buried beneath is about 155 unknown Confederate soldiers. Even through the buzz of loud engines on the freeway, a peaceful air emulates in this place, a secret hidden from those who do not embrace what our past can teach us.

Gordon Lee Mansion & Slave Quarters

Earlier in the summer of 2014 I sought after a few historic treasures in Chickamauga, Georgia. I had always heard of Gordon Lee being somewhat of a legendary figure in our local Civil War history, so I thought the Gordon Lee mansion was a good place to start. I parked my car along the street of the quint town of Chickamauga and across a vast yard and long walkway stood in front of me a grand mansion with characteristics of old southern charm. As I approached the mansion, the chill of haunted southern history crept into my bones. My eyes widened at what had taken place at this mansion, and I will share it with you.
During the Civil War, this mansion was used as a Union Headquarters before the Battle of Chickamauga. During the battle the mansion became a hospital. Many soldiers had carved their names and messages to their loved ones on the walls of this mansion, and many of them later died here from battle wounds. The floors were badly blood stained from countless soldiers treated there that they later had to be covered by rugs. Sadness and despair echo in the mansions walls and there have been several EVP's captured there, as well as disembodied voices heard by many.
A troubling history of slavery is traced throughout the homestead. It is recorded that in 1860, there were about 47 slaves living and working on the property. There were five quarter houses that the slaves lived in, but only one stands today. The other four have been torn down. The one remaining is a cold reminder of our nations dark past.
As far as ghost sightings go, the Lee's had a German Shepherd dog, and many claim to have seen the ghost dog in and around the grounds. Many have also claimed to have seen Cherokee Indian looking mist figures in and around the property of Craw Fish Springs in front of the Gordon Lee Mansion, which was home of the Cherokee before the Trail of Tears.
I urge you to visit this place yourself