Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Bleeding Mausoleum ~

In the church yard of St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Cleveland, TN there holds a sad tale and the mausoleum with a peculiar legend. On October 21, 1871 a late night carriage ride went horribly wrong, resulting in a tragic death. On this fateful night, a Grandfather took his granddaughter, Nina, out for a carriage ride as a sweet surprise. Crossing the rail road tracks running through the town, the carriage got stuck, and would not budge. Just as this happened, a train was running through, and without warning could not stop in time to save little Nina's
life. The Grandfather lived, but Nina died an untimely death, and her final resting place is forever there in the church yard. Guilt stricken, her Grandfather wanted nothing but the best for Nina, and imported Italian white marble to build her vault. The legend behind this tragic tale, can be seen by onlookers even today. At the arch way of the mausoleum, there are patches and streaks of red with unknown origins. They cannot be scrubbed away, nor are caused by any chemical component. It is said to be haunted, and the redness, is reported to be blood. See for yourself.

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